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The Bad Apples Racing Team is the legendary family affair you always wanted to know about.

Founded by George Pataki (ARS Marine), Bad Apples Racing began as a '90s online forum for jet boat enthusiasts. In the '00s, the forum was passed on to a young gearhead and emerging racer, Ron Silverstein, who migrated the forum to social networking sites when the time was right. Thanks in part to the life-long influence of "Champion Dad" and Blarney Island Racing Legend Joel Silverstein, Bad Apples Racing evolved into the competitive drag boat racing team it is today.




Racing since 2007, Ron runs his Eliminator Daytona, Jerry's Missing Finger, weekly at Blarney Island. Outfitted with a family-built Big Block Chevy, Ron has earned countless high-points and runner-up titles across NIDBA inboard race classes, including Lake Racer, Single Carb, Multi Carb and, in 2021, High Points in Open plus Runner Up in Unlimited. Following the unexpected passing of our dad during the 2021 season, Ron climbed behind the wheel of dad's Cheyenne Tunnel jet boat. He fulfilled dad's dream racing in the KDBA Quick Eliminator class on Lake Lucas in his honor.

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The youngest (and he'll tell you most handsome) Silverstein brother, Adam, brought his first jet boat out to Blarney Island in 2018. Not to be outdone by his dad and brothers, Adam quickly secured his high-points championship in the NIDBA Lake Racer Inboard class, where he has placed 1st or 2nd for four consecutive years. Adam's Nordic Thor is outfitted with the seats from dad's (and eventually Ron's) old boat, a Big Block Chevy, and is aptly named Family Affair. In addition to his tenure at Blarney Island, Adam laid down the team's best passes on Lake Lucas in the KDBA Stock Eliminator class.




Brandon grew up heading to the races at Blarney Island alongside his dad and the Silversteins. With an affinity for Cheyenne Jet Boats, Big Block Chevys, and high speeds, Brandon has raced since 2013, earning himself several NIDBA High Points Championship Jackets in Single Carb. Brandon's first boat was a red Cheyenne jet boat. He now runs his second Cheyenne, Black Betty, at Blareny Island and was spotted in Wheatland, MO, qualifying in Top Eliminator at the KDBA Diamond Nationals. 




Colleen was first introduced to drag boat racing in 2017 and hopped behind the wheel of her first boat, a TX-19, the following summer. It didn't take long for Colleen to fall in love with the unique race night moments only drivers experience and she quickly became a fan favorite at Blarney Island's Thunder on the Chain. The only go-fast girl in the NIDBA with a lead foot and a Chevy big block, Colleen can be spotted on Thursday race nights May-September in her red, white, and pink Eliminator Daytona. 

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Crew | Superfan


If his family is racing, Rob will be there. Like his brothers, Rob grew up watching dad race weekly at Blarney Island since '94. Rob's favorite memories include trips to drag boat races hosted by the former St. Louis Drag Boat Association in New Athens, Ottawa, and Momence, Illinois. Rob will undoubtedly pass on the family's love for all things jet-boats; his one-year-old son made his first trip to Thunder on The Chain this past summer. Rob spent the last days of summer making memories for dad down in Wheatland, Missouri, like the rest of the team.


Crew | Team Manager


She may be the newest member to the family and team - Ron invited her out on a date to the races in 2018, where she first admitted to having no idea what a jet boat was - but Kaleena has been a fierce supporter since. When "Capt'n Kal" isn't driving our pit boat, The Rontoon, she can be spotted working alongside Ron or behind the camera documenting every pass the drivers make. Kaleena manages sponsor relations, digital presence, the team shop and doesn't hesitate to jump behind the wheel.


Alternate Driver | Crew


Dave was a first-grader alongside Ron and Brandon; the rest is history. An avid car collector and fiend for speed, it was only a matter of time before Dave joined his pals for an adrenaline rush on the water. His first jet boat was a Condor TX-19, which earned him a runner-up spot in the NIDBA's Lake Racer Inboard class. Later, Dave got his hands on one of Joel's first jet boats, a Nordic, running it for a season in Open. When Ron began running his dad's Cheyenne, Dave happily put on a few passes in the Eliminator before lending his talents to the team's pit crew.


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